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Manette Mack-Even

Head of Administration & Recruitment Expert


About Manette

Manette is the soul of the team and keeping the family together. With her people catching character and her back ground within the fashion industry she helps assessing design developments with a "family" and "mother" view and also brings a fresh touch to the character and retail product development.

Manette has also assisted different organizations within the leisure, entertainment and hospitality industry with their recruitment processes finding the right talent in South East Asia, mainly in the Philippines, during their start-up phase.


2019 - 2023

2004 - 2019

2004 - 2011

Manette assisted her husband during the creation of the mascot and was heading the design development of the mascot family for Ticiland, the four bears.

During the the operation of the family theme park, she also assisted taking on different operation positions where and when needed.

Manette worked as a fashion model and won the Ms. Fashion Model of the World contest in Asia and was 1st runner up globally during the election in Istanbul, Turkey.


Using her model talent Manette worked during her time in Dubai as fashion model but also joint the Landmark Group being a member of the accessoires development team working out of the Landmark head-quarter in Dubai.

Using her network in South East Asia, Manette has been able to help companies in the UAE to source talent in the Philippines.

Manette held various positions for different opening teams in Macau. As such she opened iconic resorts such as:

- The Venetian Macau

- Galaxy Macau

as a team leader of the VIP Guest Servies Group but also assisted with the recruitment process, recruiting talent from the Philippines during the start-up phase.

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