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Stephan Schweizer

CFO & Financing Expert


About Stephan

Stephan Schweizer brings his strength to the table as CFO and financing expert. He has been working in the field of auditing and consulting small and middle sized companies in central Europe. Stephan Schweizer has his strength in supporting family owned companies but he has also served on several advisor and supervisory boards of private limited companies in Switzerland.

He is a Certified Public Accountant and holds is a Trustee with Federal Specialist Certificate of the Switzerland.

Major Highlights of Stephan Career



2005 / 2010

Stephan took over both the Trevin Audit PLC and Trevin Treuhand PLC serving SMC with his team out of the office in Zurich, Switzerland.

Stephan Schweizer has been instrumental to the founding process of Mack Management Entertainment GmbH. Stephan has been on board assisting Markus Mack-Even from the very first day and has, since then, been serving as CFO from the very beginning.

Stephan Schweizer has been certified as Public Accountant and has been accredited as Trustee with a Federal Specialist Certificate of the Switzerland

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